Two thousand and fifteen

Its New Years Eve and I know I’m ready to party down. At my home. With my cat. And a glass of wine.

That is how I know I’m a grown up. For so long I’ve always loved New Years Eve. Around December 15th I begin to make my plans and in my head. I will host a Great Gatsby party, filled with laughter, dancing, and champagne coming out of my ears. However, my ideas never come to fruition and I’m left cold in a party dress in a skanky bar with people I don’t like blowing on noisemakers next to my glittery face. What a shame. So for the first time in my 28 years, I’m deciding to lay low. Deep frying a pork loin and drinking 2 drinks before passing out with Roseanne playing on the television. I. Can’t. Wait.

Unfortunately, this has been a glass-half-empty kind of year for yours truly. Apparently, I do not handle change as well as I thought. Plus, I’m notorious for being hard on myself (and others). Relationship woes, career changes, health issues – they have all made 2014 a little rough. But I am documenting today, sitting in my chair, with a Starbucks skinny peppermint mocha in hand and a tiny bit of sunshine coming through my window, that I intend to have a BANGING 2015. You hear me powers that be?? You better listen up! This next year doesn’t stand a chance.

Without further ado, Molly’s New Years Resolutions :

1. Health it up. I haven’t exercised nor eaten right in months and months and months. I feel terrible all of the time. I’m no longer working on my feet and therefore must put in EXTRA effort to keep my body and mind in shape. Looking forward to all the sweating I’m about to do.

2. Develop one hobby. It doesn’t have to be great. I could work on this bloggy some more. Or maybe write some poetry. Or start taking photos again. I haven’t done THAT in ages.

3. This sort of applies to numero dos. Start cooking again. Don’t let your tiny kitchen hold you back. You made H lamb chops and mussels for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. If you could prepare that shiz, you can do anything.

4. Have more sex. This one is a no-brainer.

OK! I’M SO MOTIVATED! Now, let’s see how I do.



3 thoughts on “Two thousand and fifteen

  1. Your year, and your resolutions sound a lot like mine! I miss writing in my blog, writing (and performing) poetry, taking photos, lifting weights. This past year has killed all of that and I AM taking it all back 2015! Reading your words, and reading mine while typing them, just now, has lit a spark…so thanks for that!

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  2. I’m so excited to follow your blog, you have a way of talking that is so nice to read. I know you can do everything you want to, and I’m excited for you.
    Your New Year’s sounds amazing… and I can relate to that feeling you talk about from past New Year’s.


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