The mountains just aren’t close enough.

What? Molly’s going to discuss music or food or drinking again? No ha-way.

Yes way! What the hell else is there to talk about? Come on.

Its Thursday and because I have yet to really perfect any sort of method to my posting madness, I will take this opportunity to write about the upcoming weekend. Last week I wrote about the weekend, AFTER the fact. This time I thought I’d give you a heads up instead of making you feel bad for all the cool, hip things you missed. Ha, you losers.

So anyway, here’s what you should do.

Dayton Restaurant Week. You still have two more evenings of three-course bliss. Drink a fancy drink for me.

Check out the brand new Lucky Star Brewery a little south of town. Their grand opening is tomorrow, Friday the 1st of August (Summer, don’t goooooo). Hopefully I can make it down there since I’ve mentioned wanting to try all the local beers. If I get held up, let me know how it is!

First Friday – The first Friday of every month, downtown Dayton hosts an art-hop. Restaurants are open, art galleries showcase something special, people walk around…actually people I have no idea. I’ve always worked in restaurants so to be perfectly honest, I don’t have a clue about First Fridays. I’m really bringing this up because along with everything going on downtown, Pickin’ in the Park will be hosted at Riverscape Metro Park! Tomorrow night’s entertainment will feature the music of Whiskey Bent Valley and Woody Pines. There are food trucks scheduled to park around the festivities as well, go on and get you some! (Just you wait for the food truck post. It’s gonna be delicious.)

The main point of this post wasn’t to dully list what there is to do this Friday and Saturday. In fact, I wanted to discuss what I like to discuss the most…music. Its been a rather Country-Western filled summer in 2014. H and I attended the Buckle Up Music Festival in Cincinnati a few weeks back. There, we watched Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, and Old Crow Medicine Show KILL it. I’ve never been a huge country music fan. H is one and I love him so I’m trying my best to understand where that fondness of the genre comes from (P.S. If its a country song under 40 years old, I probably hate it).

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the iPhone app SongKick. If you’re not, you’re doing yourself a disservice. SongKick scans the library on your phone and alerts you when an artist in your library is playing a concert near you! BRILLIANT! I don’t frequently remember to check my alerts however last Saturday, I happened to be browsing what was in town for the next few months and lo and behold, the immortal Ralph Stanley was scheduled to play at one of the local FOE halls the next afternoon.

Are you fucking KIDDING me!?

For 3 hours, with only 300 others, we stood in awe of one of the greatest bluegrass legends of all time. He’s an old dude, 87, but his voice was haunting and perfect. It was one of the most memorable and exciting shows I’ve ever been to. You should have seen the old biddies dancing their pants off. With bluegrass on my mind, I wanted to send you, non-bluegrass music listeners, on an old timey journey.

My father is a HUGE country music lover. (He loves it all, but I have distinct memories of sitting in his white Ford pick-up, with Conway Twitty on the radio.) When I was 16 and loved heavy metal (my boyfriend was in a metal band, whadja expect?) my dad would make me listen to bluegrass and old time records and I despised it. I should have been listening more closely.

If you’re not a die-hard fan like I’ve become, here are some classics that just might convert you:




That’s some classic bluegrass right there!

Hope you see you tomorrow evening watching the locals pick away! If not, what are your plans for the weekend?



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