Its that time again!

Hel…Hel-lo…Hey folks. Sorry. I’m kind of full from the delicious meal I had earlier tonight. Most likely, I’m still satisfied from the dinner I had the night before. I’m in for a lotta days of unzipping my pants and giving loving/dirty looks to H from across the table. Why am I gorging myself on food for no reason? Well, fancy pantsies, this week is the wonderful (dreaded) Dayton Summer Restaurant Week 2014! Oh yeah, you heard me. Even po-dunk little Dayton has a restaurant week. And its pretty great, actually. Or at least, my tummy thinks so.

If you’re not hip to restaurant week, allow me to explain my dears. I’m not sure if its done similarly in other cities, but here at least, there are two weeks set aside every year (one in the Winter and you guessed it, one in the Summer) for local independent restaurants to gain some revenue in an otherwise slow time of the year. They offer three to four courses for a set price. It ranges from pizza and wings to high end dishes. And for the most part, it’s a pretty good deal. It gets a lot of people into restaurants they might not have been able to afford before. And for regular diners like us, its a chance for some restaurants to showcase specials that are unique to their regular menu.

(I mentioned “dreaded” earlier. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m still a waiter at heart and though patrons enjoy restaurant week very much, sorry to say, some people that go out to eat never do because they’re A) broke B) mean C) crazy. They choose restaurant week to spread their evil around and its generally hated by most foodservice professionals, both front and back of the house. Its surprising how demanding people can be even when the price of their meal is half what they would have paid. So listen up…if you decided to relax at your local eatery with a glass of wine and an awesome prix fixe menu, don’t be a dick. They’re working twice as hard for half the money.)

H and I take advantage of restaurant week. Especially now that I have evenings free! Last night we had pizza and beers at Pies & Pints. Its surrounded by an outdoor mall which is a strange juxtaposition. But even with sparkly sandals and shopping bags EVERYWHERE, the pizza is the best distraction.

What we shared at Pies & Pints:
Caesar Salad
Award-Winning dry rubbed wings with creamy Gorgonzola
Grape, Gorgonzola, and rosemary pizza
We also had Ohio brewed beers! Flyin’ RyePA from Warped Wing Brewing Company and a Revolution Anti-hero from Jackie-O’s Brewery.


H was still hungry (he was mostly excited) so we went across town to Chappy’s Tap Room. Tons of craft beer, tons of fried chicken, tons of beer nerds. By now, I’m too full to talk so I sat back and watched my man eat. And boy howdy, did he eat.

What H ate at Chappy’s:
Cheesy Tortilla Soup
BIG DADDY COMBO (1/3 Slab BBQ Ribs, Beer Brined Pork Chop & Southern Fried Chicken Breast)
Chocolate Texas sheet cake

Wipe that drool, man. I know, it sounds just like it tastes. He said that chocolate cake was one of the best things he’s ever eaten. And he eats alot.

Cut to, this evening, we dined at Christopher’s Restaurant. One of our favorites anyway, we were pumped to see the different things they were offering. Not disappointed.

What we shared at Christopher’s:
Eggplant chips with cilantro-cashew pesto
Smoked salmon dip stuffed artichoke hearts with fried pita chips
Chilled tomato and stone fruit soup
Grilled peach & mozzarella salad with herb vinaigrette
Pork chop with apple berry compote and mascarpone polenta
Roasted zucchini stuffed with mascarpone polenta and mixed vegetables, drizzled with honey butter and fried sage leaves
Strawberry almond torte
Chocolate ganache bread pudding with caramel sauce

So #*%$ing good, dudes. So good.

If you need a reason to take out a gal (or guy) and get them drunk on local beer and food, this week is the week to do it. Experiment together, try new things, tip your servers.

Here is a link to Dayton’s Restaurant Week website. So many choices, let me know what you choose!

Dayton Summer Restaurant Week!

Do it.


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