Sunday Evening Roundup

Hey y’all. It’s been awhile. It’s far too soon for this blog to go neglected, so I am persisting in posting an “end-of-the-weekend” roundup! It’s really just a list of the happy, fun things I did for three days. I hope I can tell you about somethings and get you excited because, that’s just what I’m here for. 

First things first. 

Summertime is festival season. H and I typically try to attend at least half a dozen per summer (though my favorite falls in September). Catholic church festivals are ones not to miss. Little old ladies running gambling booths in which the prizes are the cakes and pies they made the night before? How could you go wrong!

Here is a link so some area Catholic festivals if you’re interested in having a blast with the locals. And it’s all for a good cause after all, keeping kids in Catholic school. (I went to a Catholic school and though I’m no longer a believer, I think my time in there has a lot to do with how I turned out as a person…pretty rad.)

Catholic Festivals!

This weekend was the 13th Annual Dayton Celtic Festival. Guinness, jewelry, food trucks, music… all of which make this the most successful of the festivals in the Miami Valley. If you haven’t people watched and gotten a little tipsy at the Dayton Celtic Festival, you’re betraying yourself. 

Second things second. 

Today, right now, yours truly is introducing the brand spankin’ new series here at A Quiet Joy. It was only a matter of time. 

Without further ado, I present to you faithful reader The Hidden Gem City! (Cute, huh?)

Let’s get real. You like food. At least, I truly hope you do. You don’t necessarily have the time or money to dine on fancy drinks and cured meats on boards made of walnut and maple. Sometimes, you just want some good eats in a greasy spoon that you can tell your friends or family about and make you feel cooler than them. Well guys, I’m here to help. Its a pretty small town so there aren’t thousands of these dives to speak of. When I find one, and enjoy it, it’ll show up here. 

Hidden Gem July 2014

Taco Loco
5392 Burkhardt Rd.
Dayton, OH 45431

I’ve been wanting to try this for some time. Small with 4 girls working the cash register and the floor, it’s not beautiful but it works. We ordered a Mexican Coke (duh) and horchata. I couldn’t believe I found “rice water” in Dayton. My life is changed forever. I ordered a chicken and Shepard’s Pie pork taco with refried beans. 

Multigrain tortilla chips, corn tortillas, cilantro…it’s sounding good right about now, isn’t it?

Beans were soupy and delicious. Double stacked tortillas (you KNOW one isn’t holding all that awesomeness). Good salsa. Good flavors. I have to say however, that if you ever find yourself sitting by the window with a Tamarind Jarritos, order the Shepard’s Pie taco. Pork in a sauce made with cinnamon, sauteed onions, it has a distinct aroma and it hits the spot like nothing else. H ordered a chili relleno taco (spicy!) and chorizo. Both solid. Service was spot on. 

The only negative is that the food took a little longer than I expected. It wasn’t more than 5 minutes longer than it should have been and I was probably just extra hungry.

(I would have taken some pictures but I’m still a beginner. Imagine in your mind’s eye though, it’s still mouth watering.)
Grade : A 

Well that was short and sweet. Just what I’m going for. 


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