Brewery Takeover, Dayton OH.

Good morning fellow beer lovers! Here in the Gem City, there has been a major outbreak of independent breweries. (Which is fucking cool if you’ve ever been here.) Last year, the state of Ohio, made it cheaper for brewers to make and distribute beer. Lucky us. Since this legislation passed, in the last year alone, Dayton has seen almost ten breweries pop up in and around the Miami Valley. And there are more on the way.

One of the first establishments to begin construction a while back is the brewery co-op, Fifth Street Brew Pub. The way it works is, if you’re a member, you get cheaper beer. If not, you still get beer. Its an ok system. (H was given a membership for Christmas last year. His mom knows him too well.) The project had three phases. Bar, kitchen, brewery. Now, we’ve all been waiting patiently for the last phase to begin. For awhile there, they were selling other brewer’s beers, which were delicious served with their salmon sandwich (YUM) but, I want YOUR beer. If I wanted everyone else’s beer, I’d go to a BAR. But finally, Fifth Street Brew Pub is serving their own beer. With this excellent news, I thought I’d showcase some other local breweries. Now I’m getting thirsty.

Of all the breweries that have opened recently, Warped Wing Brewing Company is my favorite. Solid beer, beautiful taproom, and their list of bars and restaurants carrying their beer keeps growing and growing. Starting next week they will begin selling canned beer. Pretty great for those of us without room for growlers in our fridge. I almost worked as a bartender for Warped Wing but decided it wasn’t the right fit for me (I was trying to get OUT of the business). The coolest thing about the beers for me is, each style is named after Daytonian History. My favorite beer, the Belgian wheat cream ale, Ermal’s, is named for Ermal Fraze, the man who invented the pop tab! Oh Dayton, you’re just full of surprises.

Yellow Springs Brewery, the first I had the pleasure of visiting, sits back in a neighborhood in outlying Yellow Springs, OH. Very laid back but passionate, you can taste the beer-makers’ respect for the brew in every glass. Highly recommended.

The next on my list is Eudora Brewing Company. Located in Kettering, OH, Eudora offers a plethora of styles of beer. And you can even brew your own!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to try every beer at every brewery. (I’m hoping to change this in the near future.) Below is a list of some you and I can check out together!

Toxic Brew Company – Oregon District, downtown Dayton

Star City Brewing Company – historical downtown Miamisburg

Hairless Hare Brewery – Vandalia, OH

The Dayton Beer Company – moving downtown soon!

Lock 27 Brewing – Centerville, OH

There has been some local discussion as to whether any of these will stick around. Is the microbrew a passing trend? I think if it were, Dogfish Head wouldn’t be turning 20 years old next year. Do Daytonians imbibe enough beer for these breweries to be successful? Will Dayton contend with other, bigger brewing cities? I think so. Are these breweries capable of growing and expanding? Will California beer drinkers ever get to taste Warped Wing Ermal’s cream ale? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

One day soon I’ll discuss all the beer makin’ in Cinci and Cleveland as well. Damn Ohio, go on with your bad self.

What are some favorite craft breweries in your neck of the woods?


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