Eh, lets try this again.

Well, as first blog posts go, I have to admit mine was a little lacking. Usually, at least in my experience as a blog-reader, the blogs purpose and/or author’s really interesting reasons for starting it are listed in the first post. I don’t have too interesting a life and my reasons for starting A Quiet Joy are : I wanted a place to write; a place to chat about food, restaurants, records, film, and recipes; a place to organize my thoughts and get my mental shit together. I’ll try to be funny on the way, folks. That should bring my readership to a solid 7 humans. And maybe a couple bots.

In my last post, I briefly mention a breakdown of sorts. Don’t worry, I will inevitably explain my mental, physical, and emotional collapse. Grab some popcorn, it’ll be a good story. Today however, instead of diving into that romp, I will instead focus on the positive…

I’m tired of losing my shit, guys.

I’m ready to rid my life and brain of insecurity and doubt. Ok, I’m probably not ready at all, but mind over matter, right? Knowing is half the battle. Baby steps. Etcetera. Whatever.

Right now I’m watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD. I’m typing on my 7 year old laptop. I look fucking adorable. Drinking coffee with French vanilla coconut milk creamer and eating cinnamon rolls my man put in the oven for us this morning. What is there to complain about?

Oh, a Storm of Swords (book three, for you non Game of Throneys) is practically sucking out my will to live AT ALL. But that’s a different entry for another day. SPOILER ALERT : I hate it.

For anyone who needs a visual, behold Henry and myself:

Just kidding!


Real life, ya’ll.


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